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Support from our generous volunteers through the opportunities listed below are a vital part of Roca Ray of Hope's ability to achieve our mission. Please take the time to support various initiatives and, in turn, make a difference in the lives of our young adults. As a Supervised Independent Living Agency, the men and women served by Roca Ray of Hope do not live on-site  Because of this, we do not offer opportunities to deliver donations directly to our clients.


Roca's Volunteers: Throughout the year, Roca Ray of Hope has special projects that require volunteer help. Examples include envelope stuffing, organizing donations, tying ribbons for awareness, and the like. These volunteers help fulfill needs as they arise and have no continued time commitments.  We need volunteers to help us sort, organize, and prepare the gifts we receive to deliver to our women in the program. The opportunity to serve is available on an ongoing basis. 

Host an Event: Many of our generous supporters choose to host their annual events in honor of Roca Ray of Hope by requesting in-kind gifts as “tickets” to attend, asking for financial gifts at the event, or by donating the proceeds of their event to Roca Ray of Hope.


Requirements: To volunteer in an ongoing capacity, we require each potential volunteer to complete an application, interview, clear a criminal back (including fingerprinting), and have three letters of reference. Once all of these steps are complete, each volunteer will complete the training.

Internships: Please contact Human Resources at

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Dr. Ligon via email at

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